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” It can be very hard to find a good massage therapist in Edmonton. Jena is a gem. I saw her at her new business Radiant Reflections yesterday and she helped cure a muscle issue that I have suffered with for almost a year. She is very skilled and knows her stuff. I highly recommend Jena for all of your massage therapy needs. Thank you Jena! “

Darrell Sirski

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The Human Body has a natural ability for self healing and balance. In order for our bodies to achieve a state of wellness and balance we must give them the opportunity to do so by providing ourselves with self care. At Radiant Reflections we believe that massage therapy is one of the elements of self care. By taking care of your physical body by receiving regular massage we increase well being and create balance in all areas of life.

Our body is a vessel that carries us through our life and our senses facilitate our awareness of the world around us. We can create an optimal life by taking optimal care of our bodies massage is an essential tool to use in creating freedom of movement within the physical world.



We are located in a house two blocks away from Southgate Transit Centre.

Please use the side door .


11127 51 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Ab.

T6H 0L5

Tel: (780) 238-2505

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